Boone official estimates textbooks would cost $556K

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Boone official estimates textbooks would cost $556K
By Ryan Quinn, The Charleston Gazette-Mail

Boone County’s assistant schools superintendent said earlier this month that drastic budget cuts meant only sixth-, seventh- and eighth-graders have textbooks in their classrooms this school year.

Lisa Beck said students in the other grades have neither personal books nor classroom sets. She said classroom sets generally stay in the classrooms, but teachers can allow students to take books home on occasion.

She said she still hoped Boone would be able to buy the books this school year if fall’s tax revenues came in high. During the instructional materials selection time, she said, teachers at the middle and high school levels said they wanted only classroom sets.

But in a follow-up interview this week, Beck told the Gazette-Mail the teachers had actually requested both classroom sets of physical textbooks and licenses for online versions for each of their students.
Also Wednesday, she didn’t confirm whether there are enough physical textbooks for all middle schoolers to have textbooks in their classes when, for instance, multiple sixth-grade science classes meet simultaneously.

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