Board member questions Dilly's absence from meeting

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Board member questions Dilly's absence from meeting
By Liz Beavers, Tribune Managing Editor, Mineral Daily News-Tribune

KEYSER - Mineral County Board of Education member Kevin Watson expressed his displeasure at the beginning of the regular meeting Tuesday over the absence of superintendent Shawn Dilly.

Saying he was not aware that Dilly would not be present Tuesday, Watson said the meeting should have been rescheduled for a time when the superintendent could be present.

“I didn’t know he wasn’t going to be here, and Dr. Ludwick didn’t know,” he said, referring to fellow board member William Ludwick.

Board member Lara Courrier said, however, she thought Dilly had said he wouldn’t be present for Tuesday’s meeting during the close of the previous meeting.

Watson said it was not fair to Keyser Middle School, which was scheduled to present its Local School Improvement Council report Tuesday, that the superintendent was not there to hear it.

“I apologize to the middle school because he’s not here for their presentation,” Watson said, looking over at KMS principal Julie McBee.

“Shame on him.”

Board president Craig Rotruck said he understood Dilly was making a presentation to a principals’ gathering at the Greenbrier that night.

It was also noted that Dilly was not present Friday for the canvass of the school levy election ballots at the courthouse, but he had been attending the West Virginia State Board of Education meeting that day.

He was present at the courthouse, however, along with assistant superintendent/treasurer Steve Peer, director of personnel services Susan Grady, board member Butch Wahl and Rotruck, for the counting of the ballots on election night.