Benefits of Membership

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WVEA is proud of its role as the preeminent voice of education in West Virginia. WVEA members are the professionals who work with West Virginia’s students every day; therefore, it is vitally important that members’ needs and concerns are heard and addressed. Satisfaction and success in one’s work and profession requires fair treatment, as well as adequate compensation and benefits.

WVEA works with and on behalf of its members and requires a comprehensive range of benefits and services for the well-being of members. Such representation and advocacy take many different forms. Here are a few key ways that WVEA works for its members.


Whether it’s a grievance, an education or funding coalition, a legislative committee or the State Board of Education –whenever and wherever decisions are being made that impact school employees, students and public education, WVEA is there representing members’ views and concerns as well as the needs of students and public education.

Professional Development

WVEA offers members a wide variety of professional development training opportunities and consultation on such issues as licensure, classroom management, advocacy, communications, political action, Education Support Professionals (ESP) issues, student issues, human and civil rights and more.

Quality Education

WVEA is the leader in efforts to improve public education for all students. WVEA and its members are working to increase school funding, eliminate the student achievement gap, modify objectionable provisions of ESEA, and increase parental involvement. All are examples of WVEA’s programs to help improve the quality of public education in West Virginia.

Conferences and Coursework

WVEA offers members numerous opportunities to get together and network. At Association sponsored events, members can connect with other education professionals from throughout the state. These conferences also provide members the latest in professional development and teaching strategies. In addition, WVEA member are eligible for discounted prices on online graduate courses. This new WVEA Member Benefit will be introduced in August 2020.

Political Clout

The West Virginia Education Association is recognized as the single most effective voice for public education in your county, community and the state. WVEA is proud of its success and efforts to better serve public education and public education employees. Likewise, the NEA is the strongest voice for public education in the country.

Information and Publications

WVEA is your best source of accurate, timely information about current laws, regulations and policies concerning public education. The WV School Journal, WVEA’s all-member magazine, has won numerous national awards for education publishing. In addition, you receive copies of WVEA Today and NEA Today. WVEA’s Website provides comprehensive information and resources and WVEA publishes and distributes a wide variety of specialized materials, booklets, brochures and other items to keep members informed on the latest issues affecting them.

Legal Services and Liability Protection

WVEA members are provided with a comprehensive legal services program as well as liability insurance. WVEA maintains a top-notch legal operation. In addition, it’s reassuring to know that WVEA’s attorneys are experts in education and employment law.

Public Relations

The Association reaches out to the public with members’ views and works to enhance the image of school employees through public relations programs such as Read Across America, media relations and press work, television and radio advertising, special events and other public relations activities.

Discounts and Economic Benefits

Many WVEA members save more than their annual dues by taking advantage of Association discounts on everything from hotel to car rental and various economic benefits programs. Members are provided with a wide range of programs through NEA Member Benefits, Liberty Mutual as well as the WVEA ACCESS Card.