Belonging to WVEA

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Standing Together for Public Schools…and You!

We are pleased to count you in the ranks of the West Virginia Education Association. Whether you just joined us or are a decades-long part of the family, thank you for being the most important part of WVEA.

The tie that binds WVEA members together is a shared dedication to quality public education, to our students and to the professional and economic well-being of West Virginia’s public school employees. Together, we stand for public education and fight for the resources and opportunities our students and educators need to succeed.

Keeping You Informed

WVEA is your best source of accurate, timely information on all issues related to public schools, including working conditions, regulations and policies. Here’s how we keep you informed and answer your questions.

  • Our one-stop shop website:
  • Our regular electronic newsletters: WVEACommUnity (monthly) and Legislative Update
  • Our Help Center: Call 866.568.WVEA
  • Our award winning publications: WVEA Today Our social media platforms: @IamWVEA on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram

We’re on Your Side

You are never alone in the classroom. That’s why friends don’t let friends work in our schools without belonging to WVEA. Your colleagues can still join by scanning the QR code. Ask them to join so they, like you, can enjoy a professional safety net and peace of mind with resources like these:

  • Tough and effective representation in grievances and other issues.
  • Legal assistance to address questions about employment rights or benefits from attorneys who are the best in the state in employment-related law.
  • An Attorney Referral Program provides you two free 30-minute consultations and a 30% discount for nonemployment related matters, such as real estate, wills, traffic violations and consumer protections.
  • An attorney and $1 million liability policy that protects you up front, not like those that reimburse you after the fact, should be you be sued.

Advocating for you and public schools

Thanks to years of strong advocacy, West Virginia educators have certain rights on the job guaranteed by law. These rights are constantly under attack and it is only through our strong, collective power that we preserve and enhance our professional and employment rights.

Educators who feel their rights have been violated can file a grievance, which can be dealt with informally at the county level or formally at the state level. The West Virginia Public Employees Grievance Board is charged with resolving employment disputes between the employers and employees of the public institutions of higher education, county boards of education, and county health departments. Resources to Help You Succeed WVEA offers useful resources and opportunities, advice, and ideas through publications like the WVEA New Teacher Handbook, and these listed below.

  • Certification Process
  • Building Your Name, Create a Professional Image
  • First Rule: Set Rules
  • Managing Your Time
  • Know Your Rights Social Media & Your Digital Identity
  • 40 Ways to Say “Good Work!” – Bravo!
  • S.O.S. = Survival of Substitutes

Other resources to help you succeed include parent-teacher conferences, evaluations, money management, stress reduction and habits to stay healthy. Find more

Resources for Career & Life

WVEA provides you the resources and opportunities you, as an educator, need to succeed, both personally and professionally.

  • WVEA Graduate Courses
  • WVEA/NEA edCommunities
  • Works-4-Me Resource Library
  • School Me Podcast
  • Breath-by-Breath, Step-by-Step
  • Resources to Connect with Every Student
  • Pet Insurance

Tools to Improve Your Finances

  • Invest Smartly and Safely
  • 5 Minute Retirement Checkup
  • Rebates for WVSEA Members
  • Savi Tool to Reduce Student Debt
  • Loan Forgiveness & Refinancing
  • Personal Finance

Savings to Stretch Your Budget

  • Expect More From Your Wallet
  • Auto Buying Program
  • Finance Large Expenses
  • Educator Exclusives

Find details on these benefits and more.