Because of tough winter, counties max out makeup days

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By Lacie Pierson
The Herald-Dispatch

HUNTINGTON -- The number of makeup days built in to the school calendars in Cabell and Wayne counties officially have been maxed out as of this week.

This year's winter has translated into missed instructional days that have reached double digits in each county, and with a snow day for both counties Wednesday, there officially were no more days in either school's calendar that school officials legally could utilize to make up for the missed time.

Cabell school officials have announced they will use all of the remaining Outside School Environment days, Instructional Support Enhancement days and Continuing Professional days to make up for 10 of the system's 11 missed instructional days. Wayne officials have said they will use all of their OSE days, as well.

Wayne County students will make up seven of the 13 instructional days they have missed for the 2013-14 school year, said Bill Rosenberger, director of communications for Wayne County Schools.

"We have every confidence in our teachers to be able to work through their lessons at a pace that remains conducive to the learning of every child in their classrooms," Rosenberger said.

In a later email, he said school officials had consulted with the West Virginia Department of Education regarding the makeup days.

The makeup days for Wayne County students begin on, Friday, March 14, which will be an early release day.

The other makeup days will be Friday, March 21; Friday, March 28; Friday, April 4; Tuesday, May 27; and Wednesday, May 28 Students will report for a full day of school those days, Rosenberger said.

Rosenberger said the schools will operate through their regular schedules, and the school day will not be extended.

The Instructional Support Enhancement, or ISE days, are built into the school calendar as faculty development days. Wayne school officials already had paid for educational professionals to provide workshops and presentations during the system's scheduled ISE days on Friday, April 10, and Wednesday, May 28, and they could not cancel or receive refunds for those events, Rosenberger said.

He said the biggest, most notable impact on students would be the cancellation of non-educational field trips that were scheduled to take place during the second half of the school year.

In West Virginia, spring break cannot be used for makeup instructional days for the current school year, but could be during the 2014-15 school year.

In Cabell County, school officials already have set foot into their pool of makeup days by using their first makeup day on Feb. 17, which previously was an ISE day, Jedd Flowers, director of communications for the school system, said in a press release.

He said the 11th snow day for Cabell County students on Wednesday officially marked the point in which Cabell's school calendar was out of days that could be used to make up instruction.

He said the days missed from this point on simply will be lost instructional time.

The rest of the makeup days for Cabell County students are Friday, March 7; Friday, April 4; Friday, April 18; Monday, April 21; Thursday, May 22; Friday, May 23; Tuesday, May 27; Wednesday, May 28; and Thursday, May 29.

April 18 and May 29 will be 2-hour early release dates to allow for Faculty Senate meetings, and all of the other makeup days will operate on a regular schedule.

For complete copies of each system's calendar for the 2013-14 school year visit or