About WVEA

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The West Virginia Education Association is known as West Virginia's leading voice for public education. For more than150 years, WVEA has worked to protect our members' rights and fought for better school funding to ensure every student receives the high quality public education they deserve.

WVEA is the state's largest teacher organization. We are a voluntary membership organization made up of nearly 15,000 members. We get our strength from nearly one hundred local affiliates and our association with the National Education Association and of course our members!

Working together

The West Virginia Education Association knows it takes a team effort to give a child a world-class education. Our members include classroom teachers, custodians, library specialists, bus drivers and more. Each plays an important role in the education of every student.

Plus, our great schools are the result of teachers, school staff, parents and community members working together. It takes all of us to teach our children the values and ideals that ensure they become life-long learners and responsible community members in the future.

Dedicated Members

Together, our members have input on the decisions that make our organization a powerful force in the education community. WVEA policy is determined by the WVEA Delegate Assembly made up of nearly 250 delegates elected by members through their local associations. WVEA's Executive Committee also sets policy and provides direction for our organization.

WVEA is headquartered in Charleston for easy access to lawmakers and decision-makers. Approximately 25 staff members work on behalf of our organization. We also have three regional offices located throughout West Virginia.