November 2015

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November 17, 2015

Wifi Coming to School Buses
By Alyssa Meisner, Digital Journalist/Anchor,

KANAWHA COUNTY-  Kanawha County has found a way to squeeze in more learning time. This week the district will install wifi on 158 buses. Students will only be able to use their school-issued iPads on their ride.

"A lot of kids have a 30-40 minute ride home and when you look at that, they can knock it out before they get there, it's an opportunity for some children who don...

November 17, 2015

Community members still rallying against Wetzel County board of education
By Tessa DiTirro,

The latest board of education meeting in Wetzel county was so packed, people couldn't even get through the door. Teachers, parents, and students are still up-in-arms about the way the board is handling themselves. 7News spoke with Johnna Harter, a Wetzel county parent who gave a speech at the meeting. She claims her son had an inappropriate encounter with a board...

November 17, 2015

WV proposed new standards contain much language identical to Common Core
 By Ryan Quinn, Education Reporter, WV Gazette-Mail

West Virginia’s proposed new K-12 math and English language arts standards, which the state schools superintendent says aren’t based on Common Core, contain much of the exact same language as the controversial national standards blueprint.

State Superintendent Michael Martirano told the state Board of Education and media Friday,...

November 17, 2015

Kessler urges more WV funding for PEIA
By Phil Kabler, Statehouse Reporter, WV Gazette Mail

Senate Minority Leader Jeff Kessler, D-Marshall, urged the Tomblin administration to find additional state funding for the Public Employees Insurance Agency, to alleviate the need to impose $120 million of benefits cuts for public school and state employees and retirees.

In September, Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin notified the PEIA Finance Board that the state contribution...

November 18, 2015

Delegate offers help to find PEIA funds in budget

As state employees, including teachers and other school personnel, are confronted by proposed $120 million cuts to PEIA benefits in the next fiscal year, Raleigh County Delegate Ricky Moye has offered to help Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin find money to “fully fund the Public Employees Insurance Agency.”

Moye, a school bus driver, is offering to take on a pretty big task. ...

November 18, 2015

US college graduation rate drops 2 percent, WV rate also on decline
By Samuel Speciale, Education Reporter, WV Gazette-Mail

The number of students earning a degree in America is declining at both public and private colleges, says a national report released Tuesday.

In a study of the 2.9 million students who started college in 2009, the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center discovered only 52.9 percent graduated within six years, a 2.1 percent...

November 19, 2015

Teachers, officials find common ground
By Sarah Plummer, Register-Herald Reporter

Teachers and administrators are supporting the West Virginia Department of Education’s move toward repealing and replacing the state’s current K-12 academic standards, but they hope this change will stick.

Fayette County Superintendent Terry George said the he will support efforts to improve student achievement across West Virginia.

“My view on this, and a view I...

November 19, 2015

Board member questions Dilly's absence from meeting
By Liz Beavers, Tribune Managing Editor, Mineral Daily News-Tribune

KEYSER - Mineral County Board of Education member Kevin Watson expressed his displeasure at the beginning of the regular meeting Tuesday over the absence of superintendent Shawn Dilly.

Saying he was not aware that Dilly would not be present Tuesday, Watson said the meeting should have been rescheduled for a time when the superintendent...

November 19, 2015

Educators Speak Out Against Changes
By Lauren Matthews - Staff Writer

Tensions were high Monday night as several Wetzel County educators spoke out against the board of education regarding changes recently made in system. The educators' frustrations came to a head after a recent petition, filed by concerned Wetzel County parent Christina Coulter, called for the board's removal of new superintendent Leatha Williams. The petition has since been signed by over 1,028...

November 20, 2015

Claim Filed Against Wetzel Board Member
Lauren Matthews - Staff Writer, Wetzel Chronicle

At Monday night's meeting of the Wetzel County Board of Education, parent Johnna Harter spoke concerning an incident that occured at the Nov. 2 board of education meeting.

Harter said her son had spoke at the board meeting and was approached by a board member after the meeting. Harter said the board member acted "very inappropriately."

Harter said she has been...

November 20, 2015

State tax reform proposal will include tax cuts for seniors
By Pamela Pritt, Register-Herald Reporter

State Republicans plan to cut the income tax on seniors' Social Security benefits, but don't yet know what that means for an ailing state budget.

House Majority Whip John O’Neal, R-Raleigh, announced the proposal to a group of AARP members gathered at Tamarack on Wednesday. 

“It’s about time,” O’Neal said, noting W.Va. is one of only a dozen states...

November 20, 2015

Teachers, Students Air Concerns
By Lauren Matthews - Staff Writer, Wetzel Chronicle

Teachers, students and their supporters gathered at the Wetzel County Board of Education office for the second week in a row to stand in solidarity and protest changes being made in the county's school system. Many of the individuals attribute these changes to new superintendent, Leatha Williams.

Educator Shauna Heil spoke to the board "as a parent and as an educator."...