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How Limited Internet Access Can Subtract From Kids' Education 
By Alina Selyukh, NPR

Can a kid succeed in school with only a mobile device for Internet access at home?

Lorena Uribe doesn't have to think about that one:

"Absolutely not," she says.

When her old computer broke down several years ago, she and her teenage daughter found themselves in a bind for about five months: homework to do and no computer or broadband access at home.


Controversial WV Legislation Tied to Shadowy Billionaires' Network
Dan Heyman, Public News Service

The right-to-work bill and prevailing-wage repeal just passed by the Legislature have ties to Kansas oil billionaires Charles and David Koch and their shadowy network, watchdogs say.

According to the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD), the bills were based on model legislation from the Koch-funded American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). Lisa Graves,...


Prevailing wage repeal clears Senate, heads to Governor
By WV MetroNews

The state Senate passed along party lines Thursday a bill eliminating prevailing wage in West Virginia. The House approved HB 4005 earlier, so the legislation now goes to the Governor where a veto is expected.

The Senate’s 18-16 vote came after two...


Falling: State revenue off $169 million in January

West Virginia witnessed a 53 percent drop in severance tax revenue in January when compared to the same period in 2015.

Additionally, a lack of growth in personal income tax and sales tax in January led to cumulative collections of $2.29 billion, nearly $169.5 million below estimate, according to tax figures released Wednesday.

The massive loss did not...


Right-to-Work, Prevailing Wage Repeal up for votes in WV Legislature
By Rusty Marks, State Journal

Two key pieces of legislation pushed by West Virginia’s Republican majority are up for votes Thursday, Feb. 4, in the state Senate and House of Delegates.

Delegates will vote on the Workplace Freedom Act, a right-to-work bill passed by the Senate earlier in the legislative session, while the Senate will take up the House-sponsored measure that would...