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We have had many questions regarding the GO365 program. We know there are concerns about the program and are working to address those issues. We are not endorsing the program but put this out to provide accurate information.

  • PEIA’s Healthy Tomorrow’s program has added a component known as Go365. Go365 adds a new vendor (Humana) and some new features. This was adopted at the December PEIA Finance Board meeting following the PEIA public hearings. Changes were made in the programs a result of comments made during the public hearings.
  • The basis of the program is still a participant’s healthy lifestyle and bloodwork goals:
  • For those who met the Healthy Tomorrows goals for the current plan year you do not have to submit bloodwork by 5/15/18.
  • For those who did not meet the Healthy Tomorrows goals for this year, you must submit bloodwork within range (or have a doctor’s statement stating why you cannot meet the goals) by 5/15/18 or pay a deductible penalty of $500 and an extra $25 per month on your premium for FY19. These penalties would start July 1, 2018. These penalties have always been part of PEIA’s Healthy Tomorrows plan if your goal was not met or there was not a reason supported by a doctor for not meeting the goals.
  • Healthy Tomorrows /Go365 applies to active employees and non-Medicare retirees. It is only for policyholders and not their spouses or dependents. It is not for retirees over age 65.
  • The Go365 program adds incentives and is designed to help guide you through healthy lifestyle choices. Beginning now, participants can log their activities and receive incentive rewards such as amazon gift cards and fitness devices. Participants continue to earn rewards and incentives for points earned throughout each year of the program.
  • The Go365 program is voluntary until July. Beginning in July 1, 2018 Go365 will be a requirement of the Healthy Tomorrows program.
  • PEIA’s Healthy Tomorrows/Go365 program is in its third year and has mapped out a four-year plan that begins in July 2018 and runs through June 2022. Go365 requires participants to earn a certain level of points in the program by May 15 of each year in order to avoid penalties for the following year of an additional $500 deductible and a $25/month premium increase: 2018-19 – earn 3,000 points; 2019-20 – earn 5,000 points; 2020-21 – earn 8,000 points; 2021-22 – earn 8,000 points and be negative for Metabolic Risk Syndrome by May 15, 2022. (To be negative a member must have at least 3 /5 risk factors in a healthy range -weight, cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure or blood glucose). Exemptions can be given if you have a doctor’s statement stating why you cannot meet the goals.
  • Go to the Go365 website or download the app to see ways to earn points. Some examples of ways points can be awarded are by doing a health risk assessment, getting a flu shot, donating blood, getting your teeth cleaned, having an eye exam, getting bloodwork, walking, eating healthy, etc.
  • The data collected does not go to PEIA but is being processed through Humana. Humana is currently a vendor for PEIA and is required to meet all HIPAA regulations while handling the data provided to them. HIPAA does not allow them to share your collected information with other vendors or companies.
  • Go365 is not unique to West Virginia and PEIA. Humana operates it as a nationwide program. It has operated in the state of Kentucky and Kentucky school systems for 6 years and also covers the state of Indiana