Betsy DeVos Nomination

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Here is the latest on the Betsy DeVos nomination:

We are currently 1 vote short in the Senate of having the votes necessary to stop the DeVos nomination. A few Republican senators are considered to be the deciding vote and Senator Capito is one of the names on that short list.

Even though Senator Capito has said she will support DeVos, she is rumored to be reconsidering due to the huge volume of phone calls and emails to her about the nomination.

If she is reconsidering her position on DeVos, it is because of your calls and emails. On Thursday her office received over 2,700 phone calls regarding DeVos. Thank you to those who have been contacting her office!

On Monday, February 6 at noon the debate will begin in the full Senate on the DeVos nomination with the actual vote expected to be on Tuesday afternoon.

We have a few more days to try and convince Senator Capito that Betsy DeVos is unqualified to lead the Department of Education and urge her to vote against the nomination.

Please continue to call and email Senator Capito regarding the DeVos nomination. Senator Capito could be the deciding vote on the Betsy DeVos nomination.


Contact information for Senator Capito: 

Phone numbers - 202.224.6472 or 304.347.5372 or 304.262.9285 or 304.292.2310

Email -

Letter -

Fax - (202) 224-7665

Don't give up! Keep the calls and emails going through Tuesday.


Here are a few talking points:

  • Capito has stated she will vote for the nominees unless they are considered unqualified. Anyone who objectively looks at the resume of Betsy DeVos realizes she is unqualified for the position. Stress in your communication with her that she is blatantly unqualified for the position.
  • During her testimony, it was clear that DeVos is not familiar with any federal education laws and lacks even the most rudimentary knowledge needed for leading the Department of Education.
  • DeVos does not understand the education needs of a rural state and her charter and voucher initiatives will hurt the students and public schools in West Virginia.
  • Ask her to put students above partisan politics.