State Board (WVBE) Policies

WVEA seeks to keep you apprised of policies the West Virginia Board of Education has on public comment. Your ability to provide the students in your classroom with the best education possible is impacted by the policies passed by the West Virginia Board of Education. We urge you to read the synopsis of proposed policy revisions listed below and respond to the WVDE with your comments.

All policies currently on comment until 4 p.m. on Oct. 14, 2014:

Policy 4110 -- Attendance



Passed March 4, 2014, a bill to amend and re-enact 18-8-2 of the Code of West Virginia, 1931 as amended, related to jurisdiction to enforce compulsory school attendance; granting jurisdiction in either county when county of residence and school of enrollment are different. 


As a direct result of H.B. 4003 18-8-2, the phrase “attendance directors and their assistants to enforce compulsory school attendance” will be included in State Attendance Policy 4110.


The purpose of this Board item is to amend Policy 4110, Attendance, to include the revised 18-8-2. The phrase “Duties of attendance director and assistant directors; complaints, warrants and hearings” will be included in State Attendance Policy 4110.

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Policy 2340 – West Virginia Measures of Academic Progress


WVBE Policy 2340: West Virginia Measures of Academic Progress was first written when the standard delivery mode for statewide assessments was paper and pencil. Students were given a test booklet and an answer sheet. In some instances, students wrote their answers in the test booklets. Administering a statewide assessment using an electronic device was not an option.

The advances in technology and the routine use of technology in the classroom created a disconnect between instruction and testing. Over time, West Virginia transitioned to online testing. The writing assessment moved to an online delivery format in 2005. The online college-placement assessment COMPASS was first administered to students in 2011. Now, students use a computer or some other electronic device to take most of the West Virginia Measures of Academic Assessments.

With the changes in test delivery format came the need for new security measures and language to clarify the roles and responsibilities of educators who work with the technology and provide technical assistance during testing.

Naming conventions also have changed through the years. Nationally, students who speak or are learning to speak English as a second language are referenced as English language learners instead of limited English proficient students.

There are 57 local education agencies across West Virginia. By changing the designation from county to district, the term refers to any of the 55 counties, the Schools for the Deaf and Blind or the Institutional Education Program Schools.

The proposed changes were shared with the Assessment Advisory Committee composed of West Virginia Department of Education staff members from the Office of Assessment and Research, and a statewide representation of county test coordinators. Additionally, the proposed changes were shared with the Office of Secondary Learning, the Office of Federal Programs, the Office of Legal Services and Accountability, the Office of Special Programs, the Office of Early Learning, the Office of Data Management and Analysis and the Division of Technical and Adult Education.


The following changes to Policy 2340 are proposed:

| 126-14-1. General. Change language to reflect new effective date.

| 126-14-3. Definitions. Include and/or revise definitions to clarify and reflect current WV assessments.

| 126-14-4. Program Regulations. Change from “county” to “district” to reflect more commonly accepted terminology, remove and update the current assessment names (general and alternative), add information regarding NAEP questionnaires, and remove and update ELP with ELL which aligns better with the new assessment system language.

| 126-14-5. Administration Regulations. Reflect change from “county” to “district,” include requirements for districts to select a district testing window within the state-mandated testing window, remove section 5.4 from 126-14-5 (testing irregularities) as it is detailed in 126-14-7, and improve readability.

| 126-14-6. Reporting Regulations. Reflect change from “county” to “district,” include additional details concerning student data security, and change to reflect new assessment language.

| 126-14-7. Test Security. Reflect change from “county” to “district,” include requirements for technology coordinators/specialists, clarify training requirements, and clarify statement regarding OEPA’s review of district and school test administration and security practices.

| 126-14-8. Investigation of Alleged Cheating/Security Breach/Testing Administration Breach/Copyright Infringement. Reflect change from “county” to “district” and new assessment language.

Appendices. Include secure materials and test procedures agreements for district technology coordinators or technology vendors and RESA/district/school technology personnel and reflect change from “county” to “district” and new assessment language.


The proposed changes will reflect the new name of the Office of Assessment, secure materials and test procedures for district technology coordinators and technology specialists, expand training requirements for personnel providing technology services and technical assistance, reflect changes in national naming conventions and additional requirements to protect the security of student data.

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The following WV Board of Education (WVBE) policies are listed for your convenience.  All WVBE policies are posted on the WVDE's Website at

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Policy 2421 -- Harassment
Policy 2422.8 -- Medication Administration
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Policy 2510 – Assuring Quality Education

Policy 2515 – Uniform Grading

Policy 2520.1-2520.15 – Instructional Goals and Objectives

Policy 4110 – Attendance

Policy 4360 – Collection, Maintenance, Disclosure of Student Data

Policy 4373 – Student Code of Conduct

Policy 5202 – Licensure of Professional/Paraprofessional Personnel

Policy 5310 – Performance Evaluation of School Personnel

Policy 5902 – Employee Code of Conduct

Policy 6202 – Indoor Air Quality


If you have questions regarding any of the WVBE's policies, contact Davin White, WVEA Communications and Instructional Issues Specialist, by phone at 1.800.642.8261 ext. 116 or by email at: