WVEA Employment Opportunities

WVEA is currently accepting applications for the following positions:
   1.  Organizational Development Specialist - Western Region
Director of Field Services - open until filled



WVEA is accepting applications from interested individuals for the position of Organizational Development Specialist (ODS) in the Western Region. The region is based out of WVEA Headquarters in Charleston WV and comprises the counties of: Braxton, Cabell, Mason, Lincoln, Wayne, Roane, Jackson and Putnam.

WVEA is looking to fill this vacancy quickly. Interested applicants should sent a letter of interest along with a resume to :
                WVEA Executive Director David A. Haney
                1558 Quarrier Street
                Charleston, WV 25311-2497

           General Assignments and Relationships:

          The organizer will perform a wide variety of membership recruitment and organizing services   
           for the WVEA and local affiliates, as well as assisting local leaders in building local capacity.
          The organizer shall work under the direct supervision of the WVEA Director of Field Services.
          Specific Responsibilities:
·         Identify, recruit and retain members and leaders in the local and state organizations.
·         Provide organizing assistance to build local Association’s capacity.
·         Maintain liaison between the membership and leadership at the local and state levels.
·         Serve as consultant to the officers of local Associations in their effort to strengthen program, organizational structure and procedure.
·         Motivate and maintain membership and achieve organizational goals.
·         Take an active role in organizational development to create strong locals.
·         Perform other responsibilities assigned by the Director of Field Services and/or Executive Director.
·         Must have a bachelor’s degree or higher.
·         Prior organizing experience or Association elected leadership experience preferred.
·         Experience with membership recruitment, organizing and organizational development preferred.
·         Ability to perform duties listed above.

·         Willingness to travel extensively and relocate when necessary. A valid driver’s license is required.
·         Ability to comply with and implement directives.
·         Ability to meet deadlines and work under pressure.
·         Demonstrated ability to transfer organizational goals and objectives into programs. Experience in developing strong locals preferred.
·         Demonstrated ability as an advocate.
·         Demonstrated ability to develop and present proposals to boards of education with supportive back-up data.
·         Experience in newsletter production is preferred.
·         Strong writing and oral communication skills.
·         Ability to handle personal stress and confrontation.
·         Ability to devote long hours to the position. Hours may include evening and some weekend work.
·         Demonstrated ability to identify and implement alternative (organizing) solutions.
·         Familiarity with Microsoft Windows Operating System, Microsoft Office, PowerPoint and other computer applications preferred.
Compensation:  Salary and benefits package (health, life, dental insurance, 401k etc.) in accordance with negotiated staff contract.


The West Virginia Education Association is seeking applications for the position of Division of Field Services Director. Prior field experience as an organizer or uniserv is a requirement for this position.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE: A letter of application, resume and three letters of recommendation required. The posting will remain open until filled. All correspondence should be addressed to:
David A. Haney
WVEA Executive Director
1558 Quarrier Street
Charleston, WV 25311
JOB DESCRIPTION:  This is a management position in the Headquarters office, Charleston, West Virginia. This person will be directly responsible to the Executive Director. The Director of Field Services will play an expanding role in organizing for membership growth and field services supervision. This position will have a dramatic impact on the future growth and development of WVEA. The successful candidate will have to demonstrate knowledge of field organizing, local association development, problem-solving and employee relations as well as be able to plan, implement and supervise the membership organizing program.

ASSIGNMENT: The person employed will: plan, coordinate and direct seven regional field staff and operations to achieve the Association’s goals and objectives and to maximize membership growth in all levels (national, state and local) of the educational community.

• Supervise and annually evaluate seven ODS staff
• Develop, plan and coordinate the Association’s programs for membership and building effective locals.
• Monitor and report on the implementation of the Association’s programs for membership and building effective locals.
• Plan the development and implementation of programs to identify, recruit and train leaders/advocates and potential leaders/advocates of the Association.
• Plan, implement, supervise and evaluate the service deliver, organizing, training and membership development programs in the seven ODS regions.
• Function as part of the management team inclusive of attending regular meetings called by the Executive Director.
• Provide lobbying assistance where and when appropriate.
• Other duties as assigned…

• Master’s Degree desirable
• Successful experience in developing and implementing membership organizing program, including ESP, communications, public relations, grievance processing, arbitrations and negotiations
• Demonstrated ability to design and implement complex plans to recruit and retain members and develop and sustain effective local associations.
• Successful experience in personnel/program management desirable
• Excellent interpersonal skills
• Good working knowledge of WVEA/NEA program and objectives
• Knowledge of training principles and techniques
• Prior staff experience required, preferably organizing experience
• Demonstrated ability to transmit information and knowledge to others in oral and written communications
• Basic computer and telecommunications (email) skills
• Willing to relocate to the Charleston area

• Ability to work long hours
• Ability to work well under pressure

SALARY: Commensurate with managerial staff, complete fringe benefits package including all employee-paid insurance.